Aidan E. Kentucky

Gun Control in the United States

In the U.S over 32,929 people died in 2015 alone. This number is rising every year and needs to be taken care of. People have argued over this forever now and we need to find an answer!

Dear future President,

A major and ongoing issue in the United States is the level of gun control. This topic has only been growing in the recent years and has even had its nice little spot in the presidential debates. Some think that you anyone should be able to buy any gun without a background check or license. There are also people who think that I needs to be a long and tedious process to get a gun. Now I’m going to show you my opinions on gun control.

First we can start off with why this is such a big subject in the recent years. The main issue is the amount of deaths caused by firearms and that is has been slowly getting higher. In 2015 alone there were over 32,929 deaths by guns in the U.S, and because of this number rising people have been wanting higher levels of gun control to get this number down. There are also people who think that we don’t need higher gun control just that people need to use guns better. Personally I think we do need higher gun control and to stop selling certain guns.

The number is very high for killings with guns and an obvious solution is to reduce the amount of guns we are making and selling. If there are less stores to buy guns from then people will not want to make the trip to that store. I think this will help because right now there are many stores and shops selling guns and people find it easy to get their hands on one. The easier it is to get a gun the more likely people will buy one and miss use it or have it stolen by a criminal. Now I’m not saying if we do this it will dramatically change the number of killings and that’s why I have other ideas for what we can do.

One thing I was proposing was that we limit what guns shops can sell and trade. I just find it strange how some military grade weapons are being sold in gun shops with only a little bit of extra security. If people want protection then they can by just a hand gun or something similar, and if that doesn’t make them safe I don’t know what will. Also for guns that are used for hunting can be sold but only in states that have a specific animals that are hunted with that gun. This would greatly reduce the more deadly guns and maybe save some lives.

In conclusion this problem needs to be stopped and our future president needs to take action to put an end to these terrible occurrences of shootings and killings. There needs to be more laws set in place for higher levels of gun control in the U.S. I want these problems to end sooner than later because it’s such a terrible thing. I’m also really glad that Letters2Presidents has made this website where I can share my ideas and thoughts. I really hope people see this and think about my possible solutions to help.


Aidan E.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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