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College Tuition Costs

In this letter I will share why college tuition costs should be reduced.

College Tuition

Dear future President,

Many are taught that everyone gets an equal opportunity, a chance, but some don’t. Many college ready students are not even able to go to college because of it’s high costs. How is that equal opportunity? These young adults who are trying to start their lives are stopped by these expensive tuitions that are on the rise. Imagine all the things we could do as a country if these people got their education extended. Not only is this stopping people's dreams, but what if one of these people are capable of finding the cure to cancer. Do we really want their careers to fall short? With a change to college tuition costs could the world be a different world today?

Students need college tuition cost to be decreased so they are able to have their part in our country, and live the life they want to live. But may not be able to because of the cost to go to college. The advisory committee stated that cost prevents 48 percent of all college ready, lower wealth graduates from going to a four-year college, and 22 percent from going to any college. All these people haven't met their full potential. If they had went to college they would have bigger and better lives that help bring the country up as a whole. If everyone college qualified went to college imagine the increase of the average wealth among the nation. The nation would discover much more things if we had more people who are at their full potential working for better jobs.

Another reason college tuitions need to be lowered is because students who do go to college go into lots of debt. Students trying to get a start to their lives are immediately plunged into debt during college. The average college student has about 25,000 dollars in debt after college. There are other ways to fix this problem other than having the students pay for it. Colleges student aid isn’t enough. Students still have debt and that's not ok. During college the last thing you want to worry about is debt. Students want to be focused on school so you can get good grades and live a good life, But college costs force students to have to work hard outside of the classroom just so they can stay in school. The boston Globe found that colleges with more low income students have lower graduation rates, which proves that college costs give low income students less of an opportunity. College is meant to further students learning and help them go further in life. Debt isn't helping them, so why make them pay? Research by the federal reserve bank of New York shows there is 1.2 Trillion dollars in student debt across the U.S. How is this necessary? Isn’t there another way for the colleges to get their money?

Lastly college costs should be free because the chance to learn and make a difference is a right everyone should have. Thinking of the idea that there are people who can’t go to college because they can’t afford it makes me realize how many things might not be as perfect as they seem. Students not able to fulfill their dreams because of their wealth is absurd. Everyone deserves a chance at achieving greatness no matter their wealth. What if a one of the millions of students who can’t afford college. Just one, was halted just like all the others, but they would have been capable of achieving a huge breakthrough. The cure to cancer for instance, If the there was a chance that someone could find the cure to cancer wouldn’t you want to take it, no matter the costs. Imagine the lives that could be changed not only by those directly affected but the family and loved ones. Going to college isn’t just about benefiting yourself but also the world. So why not give these people that step, in their lives, to help make a difference.

In conclusion, colleges tuition cost need to be lowered. Students don’t get a fair chance at life when having to pay to go to college, students don’t have money to pay off the debt that is burying them at their start of their lives, and the country needs to act fast before we miss out on someone who could changes lives. The world could be a very different place, with just a simple fix to the cost of college tuitions. Future President, please take a second to consider the decision of changing college tuition costs, as it will affect tomorrow's history.

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