Ronan M. Michigan

Make Roads Great Again

The following letter will consist of road safety by banning or strictly enforcing cell phone usage while on the road.

Dear Future President,

Today in our society people are getting killed everyday by car crashes, but these include people who are distracted by their phone. This can easily be avoided. Being in a car with a usage of cell phone is not needed on the road and harms the safety of others. This is why I am asking you Mr./Mrs. President to that using a cell phone in a moving vehicle is dangerous and should be enforced more. I believe this is a big issue due to people dieing and being injured each day. In the next few paragraphs I will be explaining information that prove this is an issue we can fix and improve on helping the road become a safer place for the people of America.

The first issue I would like to address is that I have found an article explaining the number of people who get injured on the road. According to an article by The Harvard Center for risk and analysis “Approximately 2600 people die each year for using a cellular device or smart phone and an additional 330,000 people get injured by a car accident using a cellular device too.” This means that there is about 7 people that die everyday from a car accident. This is definitely something that can be avoided and should. The way we could avoid this is that we can enforce this better at how people who are on their cellphones while driving. We could also pass laws that maybe allow new technology to be incorporated in a car to help limit and ban usage in a moving vehicle, which will be explained on our next thing.

The Second Thing I would like to bring up is the new market and opportunity to allow technology to be incorporated in a car to help with safety with phones in a moving car. I'm honestly not sure how this technology works or does but somehow it could help with phone usage in a moving vehicle. The people who believe that there is a new technology market in car cell phone safety is the company's Cellcontrol and Transunion. They claim “A new technology market for distracted driving solutions is evolving due to increased driving related injuries and fatalities as a result of smartphone use” This means that there could potentially be a new technology market for this kind of technology to help with road safety because there should be solutions where we should have technology to help with safety. This company understands the importance of road safety and technology and we should too. Im hoping this way of restricting phone usage while driving will be legal in most cars and be made legal to have incorporated in a car.

The final thing I would like to address is that cell phone usage while driving is like the equivalent to impaired driving or being drunk/buzzed. According to a 2006 study ¨Cell phone users are as impaired as drivers intoxicated at the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08 percent. Cell phone users drove slower, were 9 percent slower to hit the brakes, displayed 24 percent more variation in following distance, and were 19 percent slower to resume normal speed after braking and were more likely to crash.¨ This shows that people can be as dangerous on the road as drunk driving which is crazy and we should pass laws that have to enforce this because it as dangerous as drunk driving.

If you think this is acceptable for our road safety you are crazy, because would you want you or your family to be in a crash or get run over by someone on their phone? That's why I am asking you Mr./Mrs.president that you will help us with new laws that will allow us to help our safety on the road. This would be very nice to have laws for distracted driving and I am writing this letter for the people who want this to be banned. I hope after you reading this letter you will recognise this and take into consideration that this is a problem and help out the American community to ¨Make roads great again¨.

Thank you,