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President Letter

Equal rights; women aren't equal to men and the media making it look like celebrities are higher than us but really we are equal.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Equal rights has always been a controversial and problematic issue in society. The topic of women’s rights, for example, has been ignored and should be addressed because women are facing inequalities in equality in the work force and body image. In our society women and men aren’t equal to each other. Another issue is the media is showing celebrities body image and their experiences not being equal to non-celebrities in a negative way. Through many articles, I've found that we should all be equal no matter what.

Equal rights has been a huge issue in our society. This is having to deal with women’s rights and women aren’t treated equally compared to men. Women's rights started with the women's suffrage movement. Equal rights hasn’t improved all the way and women are still not equal with men. A quote displayed on how in the workforce men get paid more than women “women still make 78 cents for every dollar men earn” (Biddle). Women and men should be paid the same amount it shouldn’t matter the sex you are for how much you get paid. Most jobs that women and men work for together, even though they do the same things the women will always get paid less than men. Ever since the world has been created men have always been seen as the worker of the family and the media shows our society that men are stronger than women. This has also made women the higher percentage in poverty. “This is why 75 percent of elderly Americans living in poverty are women, and the gaps in poverty rates between men and women is wider than anywhere else in the western world.” (Biddle) Having unequal rights in the workforce has made women be the higher percentage in poverty which is sad. Men and women should be paid the same amount and we should all have equal rights to each other.

Equal rights has became an issue in our media they make it sound like the celebrities are so much higher than us and don’t have to pay certain things which isln't true. For example the media makes it sound like Kim Kardashian doesn't pay taxes which isn’t true she has to pay like we do. Celebrities are equal to us. Another problem with the media is they make everyone look skinny or them to be. “One study showed that 70% of girls under 7 say that they want to be thinner.” (Tanith) This is wrong they shouldn't have people making them change their weight to be a model. That’s not equal. To be a model you don’t have to skinny, it shouldn’t matter your appearance. We should be equal to celebrities. For example celebrities shouldn’t get advantages because of their fame. “The manic mannequin faced the judge in 2007, pleading guilty to a charge of misdemeanor assault for clocking her maid, Ana Scolavino, than 38, in the head with a jewel-encrusted BlackBerry in Naomi’s Park Avenue duplex.” (Peyser) This was an article on how a celebrity's pressed charges on a non celebrity when he didn’t do anything and he still went to jail. This not being equal between celebrities and non celebrities. It shouldn’t matter your appearance or your status.

Equal rights is a huge problem in our society and it should be resolved. In our society equal rights is a problem between men and women in the workforce and the media showing celebrities unequal to us in a negative way. It shouldn’t matter your sex, appearance or status, we should just all have equal rights and treat each other equal.

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