Skye Massachusetts

Sexism is not fair

A break down on equal pay for women.

 Women get paid less then men. But to find out more you must let me explaining why this is bad. This is why it's bad for women to get less money.

Hello dear President,

I am Skye Elliot form Nipmuc regional high school in Massachusetts and I would like to congratulate you for becoming president. I would like to discuss the problem with the gender payroll. I did a little reading and found out that for every dollar a male makes a woman gets 80 cents. Now myself being female that's a big concern because us females only make 40,742 a year and men make 51,212 a year. You might be thinking that it's not a lot but the big difference is 10,470 dollars. But it doesn't stop there. It's even worse for colored women who make even less. But the big concern is women who are the only caretaker of there children and with them making less money it's hard to take care of there kids.

The site I researched on is:

So that's why women should be paid as equals with men. Because women are the most important humans on the earth because without them you would not be here. No one would be alive.


Skye Elliot