Michal A. Illinois

Equal Rights

There are many issues that America is facing at the moment, equal rights and all lives matter is one of them.

The Equal Right Amendment, proposed in 1972. The equal rights amendment, made men and women have equal rights, such as same job positions and etc. Although we have this amendment, men and women still aren't paid the same. Furthermore, there are innocent lives being taken away from us because of policemen, which are supposed to save lives. Now, not all police officers are behaving this way, but it is definitely giving a negative image to police officers that are doing their job correctly. Are you going to do anything about this problem? This has been a concerning topic. However Mr.Trump, you have not been a good example either for both of these issues. You have discriminated women and you have spoke very poorly about African Americans. Currently, there are many goals America, equality is one of them, and so is making all lives matter. They do say actions speak louder than words, and you should always give everybody a chance, just know you can make history, but history is watching you.


Michal Andemicael