Jozlyn B. Michigan

Dear Madam or Sir,

There has been a lot things going on about immigration. Such as the debate about what the next president is gonna do for immigration. This debate has been going on for a while and it’s almost time for the election.

I think that we should not build a wall because it’s not that serious plus Mexico does not want to pay for it anyways and definitely don’t have the money to do it so that plan has basically failed. What I think we should do is have a better security system for when they come over and check if they have a green card.this will not only will it have us not pay for anything but it will also cause less people to cross the border illegally.

I think people will feel more safe if we make this rule because you wouldn’t really have to worry about people coming here illegally or doing something bad. I think the reputation of the US around the world if we had this rule would affect our reputation alot because we would be safer.

I think this will affect the kids of the immigrants because if the parents of the kids come here illegally to get money for their families they would be put in jail. This would affect them because they would not be able to take care of themselves because they are kids and their parents were the ones that were sending money back to their parents.

What i’m trying to say is that we should have a better security so our country feels safer. This will us to a better reputation for our country. I think my plan will create a more skilled workers because they would be trying harder for the job to get done.


Jozlyn B.     

Ithaca Junior High School

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