Erika A. California

Get rid of Stereotypes

This letter is about how stereotypes affect us and how to get rid of them.

Dear President,

In today’s society, stereotypes are a big part of our everyday lives. It affects not only teenagers but also adults. Stereotypes can go from physical appearance to your personality. Discrimination is just an excuse for stereotypes.

It is really sad to see how much this affects someone. For instance, if a male has high voice or a sense of style that makes him gay right? Not every male has a deep voice that is straight or not every male that has a high voice is gay. Same with girls. If a girl is masculine or athletic that automatically makes her a lesbian? No it doesn’t. I see that happen almost every day and it is not right .

I remember when i was 8, I wanted to have a superhero party. At that time i didn't understand at the time but now i do. I'm wasn’t supposed to be playing with superheroes, I was supposed to play with Barbie dolls. I was the complete opposite of what was expected. When someone would ask me what i wanted to be when i grow up, I said spider-man. The look on their faces is a look i will never forget. They were disgusted with me. Then my parents finally explained to me that superheroes were for boys. I was never the same little girl.

We need to stop the racism and the stereotypes. It doesn't help anyone. Stereotypes are useless.

I ask for you, as the president of the United States, to not let anyone feel like that little girl that didn’t know why things are the way they are. Be the president that makes a change. Be the president that ends all stereotypes once and for all .

Yours truly,

Erika Armstrong

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 A / Period 4

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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