Ethan Michigan

Dog fighting

This letter is about dog fighting in america.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

If there is one problem that I think should be stopped is dog fighting. Because it is spreading all america and it is sometimes hurting people and dogs it can also kill dogs.Another thing is people are spending a lot of money on dog fights and it is not worth. I believe that...

In america I think that we need to stop dog fighting because it is growing and more and more people are doing it.When people do that they make money for hurting dogs and abusing them.Also when people do that it will harm people to cause if they try to stop it they could get bite are hurt.Another thing is that it is dangerous.

But one thing to prove that this is a big thing in america is that some NFL players did it for example a great quarterback Michael Vick for the Philadelphia eagles and the Atlanta falcons.After they found that out they suspended him and the team kicked him of.According to ASPCA you can stop dog fighting by being calm with the dogs and not being all crazy around them then they will most likely not fight.

What i'm going to talk about now is how much people are doing dog fights.In 2015 82% of dogs to use in dog fights were pittbulls and 34 people died from dog fighting that is more than an amount of deaths from sharks that happen in 3 years.People don't realize how dangerous dog fighting is. Also people think that sharks are more dangerous than dog fighting but dog fighting is a lot more dangerous.