Emily A. Iowa

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is ruining the homes of innocent people.

Dear Future President,

Domestic violence is killing relationships in our country. You need to be stricter with the domestic violence laws, and make the penalty harsher for the ones getting caught. So, one thing worth considering in the next four years is increasing the awareness of domestic violence in the homes of innocent people.

Domestic violence is known as abuse, physical or nonphysical, that is committed against a person with whom there is an established relationship. Together as a country, with your help and leadership, we can end this horrific nature. “Domestic violence is a multidimensional problem requiring a multisectoral response.” This means that we can approach this issue and tackle it with a high power.

The abuse is most often not about expressing anger, as much as it is about exercising control. A person should not have to be “controlled”. For centuries, men believed it was ok to instill discipline against his wife in order to maintain power and control. Women and men are equal and the men treating them this way and bringing them this pain should be caught and locked away.

The effects of domestic violence could be as simple as small cuts and bruises, and the more drastic effects are broken bones and death. According to Complexities of Domestic Violence, 85% of all victims are women, leaving only 15% men. According to the National Institute of Justice “women are substantially more likely than men to be murdered by their intimate partner.” This is a huge problem because people should not be killed by their partner.

Lastly, I understand that there is no simple solution to eliminate this disturbing form of violence. This issue will problem always remain a problem in our country, but that doesn’t mean we should just turn our backs and let it happen. Therefore, you need to put more effort into trying to end this hurt filled crime.


Emily Church