Mason D Iowa

Police Targeting

Why you should be concerned about police targeting

Dear Future President,

In the United States, a police officer is killed approximately every 61 hours. The US has a problem with people trusting police officers, because of situations that have happened in the past. If people are targeting police, no one would ever want to become a police officer. If no one wanted to become a cop, then there would be no future officers to help the people of the US. In a time where angry Americans are targeting policemen and women, there must be something you can do. What has happened in the past is a huge part of why police are being targeted today. As for citizens who are trying to make the officers lives harder, they need to know that the officer has, and can do anything necessary to arrest the suspect. Finally, how are people reacting to police officers being targeted

In 2014 an unarmed black male (Named Michael Brown Age 18) was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael was shot by a white police officer (Darren Wilson). Michael was shown at a convenience store, he stole some cigarettes, while Darren was on duty he saw Michael and he fitted the description of the man entirely. Darren parked his cruiser in the street to block the path after Darren put one of Michael Brown's friend in the car, he and Michael were involved in a scuffle. Brown went for Officer Wilson's gun. Wilson proceeded to fire two shots, one hit Brown's hand. Brown ran, but when Wilson tried to stop him, he turned around and started running at the officer. Wilson had no other choice to fire.

You see when Brown began to resist arrest Officer Wilson knew it was a problem from the start. When a suspect resists arrest, it makes it hard on the officer stopping them. The cop is faced with a decision, one that could change their life forever. When one believes they are above the law, people will fight whenever they think it is unfair. People need to realize that the officer that arrested them has full power to anything required to get them into custody. Many people of the minority are beginning to believe that police are targeting them, but that's not true. Police officers don't just go around arresting people; they will arrest you if you are doing something illegal. But if you are doing something illegal, then you need to know that it's the officer's right to take you into custody. said "Since 2014, 245 police officers have been killed." Many people don't realize how big of a number that is. Considering Police Officers have a gun, taser, pepper spray, and a baton, it is a big number. Since many people don't care about the Police population, then they don't react to police being targeted. Over the past few years, there have been a major incline in the police targetings. Many of the police targeting article are not even shown on the news. If they were to aire them on a major news channel, it would inform people about Police targeting

In conclusion, there is a colossal problem in the U.S today. You as the president, need to do something about it, because it isn't only hurting the one who has been Immediately affected, but to those who have family members in other Police departments. As stated above minorities are not the only ones being targeted. If there is nothing done about this issue, it will only get worse. As of today (2/11/16) 2 police officers in Des Moines, Iowa were shot and killed in their squad cars on patrol. You, as the president of the United States, need to do something about this enormous problem, before it's too late.


Mason Dietrick