Anna H. Iowa

College prices need to be lowered!

With more students attending college, prices need to be lowered for our future.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

I would like to talk to you about education. There are many schools who have great education, but there are others that don’t. I believe that education is extremely important. There will be more new jobs that will be created and needed by the time we are out of college. Technology is growing bigger than it already is, and by the time I’m on my own we may never even need a pen.

Without an education, we can’t learn about new technologies that will and are being created. Most new jobs will need college to be able to think of, create, build, update, and ship these things. You can’t do new things if you don’t learn. I believe that more and more students will be going to college to get the jobs they want.

Not all students and their parents can afford thousands of dollars a year for an education. We will need these new jobs though. This leads to my point, we need to lower costs of colleges. With new jobs, there’s new things to learn. The United States is wasting money on big, unimportant things, when we could be putting it towards our future. Without us there is no future. There are no jobs. We need to lower costs. I’m not saying to make it free, but with more students every year, colleges will be making just as much money as they did years before. Not everyone is wealthy. You shouldn’t have to buy the future you want. People work really hard when they truly enjoy their jobs.

Thank you for your time.