Dillon J. Iowa

Gun control

Why gun controls bad

I think gun control is an issue because many people are getting shot each day. Why are people getting shot? People are getting shot because it is too easy to steal guns and very hard for police to trace them. In America 88% of people have guns in there house Said the New York Times. So if someone robs a house they have a 88% chance of getting a gun. I don't think guns should be taken away I think that it should be harder to get them.

If we make it more mandatory to register guns then the criminals with a bad background won't be able to purchase them. And if everyone registers guns and if they ever get stolen, the police will be able to trace them to crimes. If they can trace more of the guns it makes it easier to find the people that are stealing them which means more arrests.

The world will be a safer place if the gun laws are more strict. Because it will be harder for the criminals to get the guns. If the criminals don't have the guns people don't get shot. Also less guns will get stolen if the criminals know that the guns can be tracked.

One thing to remember is that guns don't kill people, people kill people. Some people get all crazy that guns are killing everyone, that's not true. A gun can't just go and kill someone it has to have a brain behind it to pull the trigger. Therefore guns shouldn't be taken away, bad people should go to jail. So future President It all lies in your hands if gun rights will stay the same or change.

The future of America's second amendment is all on you. If you take guns away then their are going to be a lot of angry people. We as Americans have had the second amendment forever. Don't you think It wouldn't be right if you took it away from America. What you need to do is make gun registration more strict.