Spenser T. Missouri

Raise the Minimum Wage

Are minimum wage in the country is not the best at $7.25. We need to change this.

Dear Future President, 

For a average person, living on minimum wage can earn just over $26,000 per year in a ten hour per day work week. Which is not enough to support a family or enough worse a single person. In America 8 out of 10 people have reported they are currently in debt. Then they carry it over into retirement and it is a lifetime of paying. Then once they die their debt is still there. This is mostly because of minimum wage being so low or people not getting paid enough. At $7.25 America is one of the lowest minimum wages in the world. 

If we were to raise minimum wage less people would give their children up for adoption or abortion. Less people would be in debt and would be able to pay their bills. Even a raise of just a dollar would be able to help someone support their family and themselves. An $8.25 minimum wage would put someone at just above $30,000 per year. If we were to raise it to $15 per hour we would have a annual salary of just above $54,000 which can support a family if only one person is working. 

In conclusion if we were to raise the minimum wage we could help Americans, the government, and the economy. Even if it was just a dollar we could be saving millions of lives from starvation or from going to jail.




Bode Middle School

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