Adam K. Michigan

College tuition rising

There is a growing concern for the route college tuition is heading, so I decided to ask what the future president will do to resolve this issue.

Dear future President,

In this day and age, across many cultures, education is the most valued quality, it is what helps many achieve their version or take on “The American Dream”. However, pursuing a higher education is becoming more and more expensive year after year, as told by Time Magazine’s Kim Clark “The average published tuition for in-state students at public universities–which represent 45% of full-time undergraduates–rose to $9,410 this year, up 2.9% from last year.” This is an alarming statistic, and what’s even worse is that this trend will continue to grow if nothing is done to reverse these growing rates. Imagine back to when you were once of college age on your way to pursue a bright future for yourself and loved ones, but that future was put on hold because you couldn’t afford to pursue college, or you were able to continue with college, but you had to apply for school loans that put you in debt for most of your adult life. I don’t know about you, but neither outcome sounds flattering to anyone, especially those who have to chose between one or the other. At this point, it is impossible to ignore the gargantuan elephant in the room that college is becoming too expensive for the incoming group of college students, and will be even more expensive the year after that. This is a concerning issue for many, like myself, who envision going to college to pursue a higher education, it feels as if the American Dream is fleeting, becoming nothing more than just that, a mere dream. Now, future President, I ask of you, what will you do to help the youth of America to obtain their goal for higher education and a shot at the American Dream? Everybody deserves to obtain a higher education if they’re willing to work for it, so why should money be the factor to prevent someone from doing more with their lives?