Alina J. California

The cries of a college student's wallet

More than half of the American population aren't able to afford the college expense rates today.

Dear Next President,

Based on your successful life today, you must have had a great college experience. You were able to pay all your college expenses, and go on your steps towards success. Today most Americans can't achieve their dreams because they can't afford it.

My friend was told by her parents that they couldn't pay for her college. It was too late for them to save up again since they have to start saving for her three year old brother. So what does a fourteen-year-old have to do, she has to pay for herself. Her plans for her last four years of freedom before college has now vanished. Everyday I have to watch her live in constant fear, and stress about paying for college. She can longer dream about moving to Southern California , instead she has to save up to go to San Jose state, and live with her parents. She has to work furiously to pay for a future she doesn't want, and she is not the only one with this problem, I have this problem, 83% Americans have this problem.

In 2015, 83% of Americans said that they couldn't afford to go to college.  That is 264,687,000 Americans who have to deal with the stress of paying towards four years of their lives. And even after they go to college , it doesn't stop there. In 2012, 71% of people after college had to deal with student loan debt.

Is it all really worth it?

College is suppose to prepare young adults for their career path, and leave them with a great mindset about the future. College shouldn't be meant to leave students with debt, regret, and stress about making up these costs. 

And with inflation, costs will continue to rise, and the future of a college education will collapse, unless you fix it. If you want to give the young people of America a bright future, and help families, you will lower college expenses. 


Alina J.

Santa Clara High School

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