olivia b. Illinois

Find a Cure for Cancer

keep on building off the Moonshot program and find a cure for cancer

                                                                                                November 2, 2016

Dear President,

Congratulations on your new job as the President of The United States. My name is Olivia Brosnan and I go to Alexander Gram bell school. I know you have many things on your agenda, but I would like you to focus on finding a cure for cancer. Almost everyone has either  had a family member or knows someone affected by cancer. There is about 100 different types of cancer and more than half a million people are expected to die of cancer in the United States every year.

In January 2016, President Barack Obama started the Cancer Moonshot Program, which will accelerate cancer research. The initiative is led by the former Vice President Joe Biden. I would like you to continue to push forward the recommendations that are coming from this program. Two important recommendations are to engage patients and share data.

I also believe that it is important to make the therapies affordable and available to whoever needs it. This is also a part of the Cancer Moonshot Program. Around 20% of people that have health insurance still can’t afford to get the cancer drugs they need to get better.

As seen during the in the World Series broadcast many people are passionate and supportive of finding a cure for cancer. If we keep sharing the cancer research, working together, and raising awareness we can create a cure for cancer, and save millions of lives each year. I want you future president to keep the Moonshot Program going and soon cure cancer so no one has to go through the hardships of losing someone that they love.


Olivia Brosnan