Robert D. Illinois


Dear Future President, Robert Driskill My name is Robert Driskill and I’m concerned about how the homeless don’t have any food or shelter. According to Homelessness In Chicago over 47.4% of Chicago’s population is homeless that is 44,505 people 30% are children and 14% is adults. I think that is really bad because to me everyone should have a food to eat and a roof over your head. I live in Chicago, Illinois and everyday I see people on the street with signs that say “I Am Homeless And I Need Money.” Some homeless people would ask for money and then go buy alcohol or drugs and those homeless people should still have a place to call home and food to eat.

Some moms or dads would drop off their kids when they're kids were very young and just drop them off at a homeless shelter. Sometimes kids that were homeless would grow up and never know there parents. Just imagine if you or your family was homeless and you couldn’t help them how would you feel. And that’s why I think you the next president should change homelessness.