Kaleigh M. Illinois

College Tuition

College tuition is to expensive and everyone deserves the chance for a great education.

Dear Future President,

My name is Kaleigh (Kay-lee) and I am writing to you because the cost of college tuition is outrageously high. America is supposed to be a place where everyone has the same opportunity to succeed but with college costing so much it makes it hard for low income families to pay for their child’s tuition. If people cannot afford to send our generation to college then there will be a decrease in people eligible to do important jobs.

I want to go to college but I also don't want to cause my parents too much debt because they will still have to pay for my younger sister's tuition. The average cost in 2015 was about 134,600 dollars for a private college. But in seventeen years in 2033 the cost will be 323,900 dollars. Many people can not and will not be able to afford these prices.

These are not the only fee’s you have to pay for rooming which can range from 8,887 to 10,089 dollars, books and supplies can cost up to 1,200 dollars but it depends on your major, transportation to home and back to school can cost 1,082 dollars a year, lastly other expenses like laundry cost 2,000 a year (numbers by Robert C.).

If you don't fix this problem in America you will have very few people who are qualified to do important jobs in our society. We need doctors to take care of us, politicians to run society, and teachers to give our children education so they can run this country. Please take this into consideration some time in the near future. Sincerely: K. Mueller

Bell Elementary

Class 2018

students graduating in June 2018

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