Kiara Marie Illinois

Keeping benefits for the people and lowering college tuition.

Basically my letter explains many topics that are important to me and others and that would affect us deeply.

Dear Next President,

Congrats to your new beginnings. I want to talk about some issues I find very important. Some issues I think is very important is Financial benefits for low and middle class people, college tuition fees, and Abortions. I think these topics are very important because they are affecting others I know and people in my neighborhood and community. 

To me the most important is keeping financial benefits for people that can't afford rent,housing, food, and more. Some financial benefits that exist today is Link, Section 8, and other monetary benefits. These benefits are important because people need these resources to turn to when in need and people need the help in order to live comfortably.

Another important topic to me is college tuition. Unfortunately, I can not afford my college tuition so due to this I have to take out loans and get a job in order to help pay my own tuition. I think a program for students should be created other than scholarships. I say this because scholarships are very good to have but other programs should be created or a easier way for people to get money for scholarships. This would be a great benefit because just having extra cash or another monetary donation would be great to have.

Lastly, another topic would be Abortions and teen pregnancy. This is important because everyday a teen either gets pregnant or aborts a baby. There should be a program where women or teen girls go to, to get more guidance in order to make a final decision about what they want. I don't think it should be law to stop abortion or fine to stop abortions, but there should be programs or places for the women to go to, to talk the issues out.

In conclusion, I really hope your year in office is very successful but please keep my topics in mind. All of my topics that I mentioned are very important because they will affect the new generation and future. Its very important to plan for the best and come up with solutions to solve problems.

                             Thank you and Good luck,