Rose E. Illinois


Hello, my name is Rose Eski-Ayala. Education is important because it helps you in life. It allows you the opportunity to get a better job and a better salary. Also it helps society, one of the ways it does this is by making less crimes. Education allows people to give back to society, but it’s a problem when kids aren’t able to pay for it.

School tuition are some reasons why kids can not go to school throughout the world. Over 70 million kids are not able to go to school because of the money you have to pay, also many adults who are ages 18-27 (collage ages), are not able to go to school because college cost too much. The average cost for 2015-2016 private colleges is $32,405. The average for 2015-2016 for state residents it is $9,410. The average cost for 2015-2016 out of state resident is $23,893 ( This is for kids in America, but in other countries the price is less but still is really high. Many student and families are not able to pay that for their kids to go to college. This prices for college are four times as much as what it had used to be in 1974; this shows how tuition is rising. Many students go to college for a year and then notice that they can’t afford the rest so they drop out of school. Seven out of ten students who graduate college are left with about $30,000 in student debt that they have to pay.

If one goes to a public elementary to middle school you would have to pay about one hundred dollars through taxes. In the summer before school you also have to buy school supplies which cost a significant amount of money, especially if you have 2-4 kids which will add up. If you are struggling to get school supplies, some people will prioritize certain supplies over others making their go to school without the full list.

To prevent this, the future president should pay more attention to the amount of things they expect parents to do in public school. They should also add more financial aid. For example some school supply list usually say that you should get 32 pencils, but that is too many for one year. On the list it should say 20 pencils, that is more reasonable and helpful for parents. Little changes like this could help parents, students, and teachers a lot more.

The future president should also bring down collage prices because right now many people can not go to school because it is too expensive. Students are deciding whether or not they should even attend college because they might not even have enough money for all the years. The next president should let people who don’t have enough money for college gain the opportunity to go to college. During the rest of that student's life they should be able to pay reasonable student loans quickly after they graduate.


-Rose Eski-Ayala