Lauren V. Iowa

Mental Illnesses

Mental Illnesses are not a joke. They are a serious issue that haunts many families. It deserves the funding and attention as much as any other issue.

Dear Future President,

Imagine your kid, friend, or spouse is unhappy and needs help. You’d do anything to make them happy or get them help right? When you decided to become our president, you decided to become our family, decided to have our backs. Don’t you agree? Then why aren’t you trying to help everyone out there who is silently screaming for help? Don’t turn your head on us. You can’t ignore the crazy things that are going through people's heads. You can’t ignore the little kids killing themselves and mom and dad's leaving behind their families because they aren’t happy. Mental Illnesses are not getting enough attention and funding. I won’t let you ignore it.

If you were to hear that a family member or friend has died, most likely the first few things to pop in your head aren’t suicide. The surprising thing to many people is that proven by the National Alliance of Mental Illnesses, is that suicide is the 10th leading cause of deaths in America and 90% of those people live with a mental illness. Since 41,000 individuals die a year from suicide, that means that 36,900 of those people have a mental illness. That is 36,900 lives that could've been saved if they had someone to talk to, got help, or knew what was going on in their head. These numbers are increasing. We can't just sit back and ignore it. As a president, I know that you will understand that problems must be faced head on. It’s time to face it head on.

Mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety are just as real as diabetes, cancer, and heart attacks. It is not something that people wish for. It can be caused by many things. For a lot of people, it is a chemical imbalance in their brain. For another good amount of people, it can be caused by stress, traumatic experiences, and other serious situations. Due to schools not educating students about this people are confused and think it is their fault. Schools need to educate students about the symptoms and why you may feel this way.

Lack of education isn’t the only problem with mental illnesses. This issue also has very little funding. According to, McClelland since 2009 states have cut 4.35 billion in public mental health spending. How is anything supposed to change when you are cutting off funding. This issue won’t just go away. There needs to be more medical research on medicine changing chemical imbalances and getting more therapist. More and more kids are getting mental illnesses. More and more deaths are being caused by suicide. If funding went into these things we could keep families together and make America a better place.

It comes down to one thing. Are you willing to fight for us? We need a president who will work for these issues. If you want to change America, you must address this issue. It won’t get better on its own. If you give funding and educate people about mental illnesses, you will see real changes. Be our family.