payton c. California

Letter to the Next President

Gun control laws should not be passed.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

My name is Payton C. and I am against gun control. I'll start of by saying this, guns don't kill people, people kill people. I use guns to hunt for food to help provide for my family. Having a gun in my house also makes my family feel a little safer living in the neighborhood that we live in. Also, owning a gun makes me feel a little more like an adult.

Yes, there were 372 mass shootings in 2015. But these shooters all had some kind of unstable mentality. If a gun was never put into their hands the shootings wouldn't have happened. If background checks were harder to pass, then some of these shootings wouldn't have happened. A background check is a bunch of yes or no questions that you can easily lie on. Background checks need to consist of drug test and maybe a lie detector test questioning the reason of purchasing a gun.

There are three major points that gun right advocates make against regulation of firearms. The first is the second amendment which guarantees every American citizen the inalienable right to own any weapon. Another point is that gun rights supporters often claim that every American is entitled to, and responsible for, defending themselves. The last point is that there is an underlying mistrust of our government obvious in the case against gun control. If fire power is not concentrated in the hands of the civilians, there is fear that our government will take even more personal freedoms. Gun control laws should not be passed.


Payton C.