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Abortion: Pro-Life

Abortion is murdering kids. I think we need to stop this.

Dear Future President,

What do you think about abortion? Is it right to do? Or is the whole thing wrong? Abortion is the use of medicine or surgical procedures to remove the fetus and placenta from a woman's uterus. This process is meant to kill the baby so you can remove it in different ways. Some babies survive, and some don’t. I think abortion is wrong because it is the attempt to murder a baby. It is technically murder because the baby’s life begins when the sperm and egg combine. Then, after 20 weeks, the baby can start to feel pain. An abortion happens between 21-24 weeks. Why are we killing the babies? The babies have done nothing wrong, but us humans are selfish and don’t want to take care of something else, so we kill it. This is just like what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. The Jews were accused of being Jews, and they were killed because of it. That’s what is happening to the babies.

Many people do abortion for many reasons. 21% say they aren’t financially ready. 21% of the people say they aren’t responsibility ready. 16% say they are too focused on their future and think having a baby will hamper their goal. 11% say they’re too young. 12% say that a baby will cause negative changes with their partner. 6% of abortions are for medical reasons. 1% of abortions are because the mother was raped and/or abused to cause her pregnancy. There are other options for people to do instead of abortion. For example, you can put the baby up for adoption. A different family could take the baby and care for it. Another option is parenting the baby yourself. There are cases where the partners decided to have sex, but their birth control failed them. If they weren't planning to have kids, then they shouldn't have had sex in the first place. And one more option is contacting the father if you aren’t together anymore. If the father is more ready for a baby, let him help you to care for your baby together.

After reading this letter, I hope you take into consideration that abortion is not the right way to go. Abortion is the murder of kids who could change the world. When we kill those kids, we are taking away multiple different possibilities that the world can experience.









English 9 (4th period)

English 9 (4th period)

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