Cris Iowa

Shark Finning

More Countries around the world need to have new anti-shark finning laws

How Shark finning is effecting Our natural Waters. 

           Dear future president , Do sharks make you feel uneasy ? Dear Future President, Hi my name is Cris Lockey and I would like for you to do something about sharks being Finned and almost dieing. Now i know what you might be thinking “ Why should I Care if sharks are being killed”? . As a matter of fact you should care for the different things that it causes. “More Countries around the world need to have new anti-shark finning laws.” This claim is very important to me as a shark lover and Scientist. Like one example of many shark species going extinct is this: Every year 73 Million sharks are killed for their fins.

As a matter of fact there was more sharks swimming and hunting prey. “ According to experts, Tropical Pacific sharks have gone down by 90% in the past 50 years”. This is a shocking quote when you think of the long-term effect of this. You may think It is safer to go into the water in the tropics . There is now less sharks than ever in this specific area. This is one of the worst areas it is happening in right now.

To make sure they can’t harm another shark Hawaii was the first state in June to ban this practice altogether. Today it is selling for 350$ dollars per bowl of shark fin soup. According to experts Undercover footage has been shot to catch these people in their act” . This is another important quote for this topic. Before they have taken these shots people did not know what they were doing. Another thing to prove that people have caught them is “Photographers have documented this action in atleast 25 different countries.”

Many people see all sharks as man eating machines. While sometimes this is true for the Bull Shark it isn’t always true for all. Sharks are being killed all around the world in many different oceans and rivers. Sharks only kill maybe a couple people each year. Now if you look at the # of sharks being killed by humans that is much higher. “ Every year 100 Million sharks are killed for thier fins.” This is an example of how may people hate sharks

There are many effects that come with the death of these animals. In the first place Many don't believe that they help us. See in the ocean you have something called a natural food chain. This pretty much means that the sharks kill these smaller animals. They do this for a reason to keep the population down. Many scientists are already looking at the result of what this could bring. They are deathly afraid of what the ocean would look like in 10-20 years.

Many People see sharks as different sides. The general population see sharks as bloodthirsty animals. This is how most people view these kinds of animals. There is another side that not a lot of people see. This is the side of Sciences and bioliggists. This side of things sees sharks as being very important. Will you just stand by and keep letting Selfless people fish and find them? Or will you be the voice that these animals need right about now? There are other opinions that people have. I think it is important that you have information about both sides.