Ely Iowa

Illegal Immigration

Why Illegal Immigration is bad

Dear Future President,

Have you ever thought about the effect that illegal immigration has on our country? In the past few years illegal immigration has been on the rise, and still rising today. As the President of the United State of America it is your job to help your Country with this problem. It is important that you consider this topic to be one of the bigger problems that the United States has.

Did you know that in 2014, Acorrding to, Pewresearch.org, there were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States? That accounts for 3.5% of the Nation's population. That means that there were 11.1 million people that were in Country that shouldn’t be. This is bad because if there are 11.1 million unauthorized people in the U.S right now, think about how many there will be in a few years. It won’t stop unless somebody does something about it.

A lot of people think that illegal immigration won’t affect them because they aren’t by it. I have found out that this is very wrong. Illegal immigration will affect everybody in the U.S.A. According to, Fairus.org, some ways that they will affect us is that they are taking our jobs. They come into the U.S illegally and take our jobs. Also, they are making the taxes higher. People are paying for the illegal immigrants to be in the U.S.

One person can’t really help with illegal immigration, but one person that can is the president. Some ways that the president can help is by enacting laws. Some laws that can be enacted is, prohibit anyone that has entered the U.S illegally from applying for a work permit. If this law was enacted then it would help a lot because one of the main reasons they are coming into the U.S is to get jobs. If we can stop them from getting jobs that will help a lot. Another law that can be enacted is if somebody has entered the U.S illegally once then they can’t apply to be a citizen. This is another way that the president can help with this problem.

In conclusion, illegal immigration is bad for the U.S economy. According to,Fairus.org, It raises the taxes, they are taking jobs, and they are here illegally. If they are here illegally then they shouldn’t be able to apply for a work permit, and they can’t apply to be a citizen of the U.S. So it is up to you Future President, you can either help and enact some laws or don’t do anything and let the economy get worse. It is your country, you do what you think is the best for it.