Keagan W. Iowa

Kneeling During the National Anthem

The letter that i had wrote the the future president was that he needs to do something about these people who are sending death threats to NFL players. These players are sticking up what they believe in not so people tell them they will be killed.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter concerning the reaction to the kneeling during the National Anthem, I'm sure you have heard about. I think something needs to be done. Not to the NFL players but to the people who are sending very Immature/serious letters and sending death threats to them just trying to ruin their lives. I do not think it right to allow people to say things like that. Think of that NFL player as your brother or even a little kid and you wouldn’t want them receiving those messages. I believe that somebody will be hurt or killed if something isn’t done.

There are a few NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem because they are on a protest. They are protesting that black lives matter and we to stop the police brutalities. There are almost 160 million more white people than there are black people. White people make up about 62 percent of the population, but about 49 percent of those who are killed by police officers. Blacks make up for 24 percent of those shot and killed by the police troubles being just 13 percent of the population. That means blacks are 2.5 times more likely as whites to be shot and killed by the police. Police have shot and killed the exact same number of not armed white people as they have not armed black people. Because the white population is about five times bigger than the black population, that means not armed blacks are five times as likely as not armed whites to be shot and killed by the police. This has caused black NFL players to kneel during the national anthem and has not put a good reputation for themselves.

There are very bad results in which is happening because of this protest that needs to stop very fast or something bads could happen to one of these players. These NFL players we have are scared for their lives because of crazy messages,emails, letters, and pm’s that are saying that people are going to kill them for what they are doing. What people do not realize is that these people also have families and have people who love them too. They are just like every single one else but they are extremely athletic. I think you need to go live and tell these people if they are reported for sending something like these messages then they will be given a fine or maybe even put in jail. Some people think that since our veterans have already fought for our freedom, then we should be able to believe whatever we want to believe. Isn't that what these players are doing is doing something they believe in? I mean what they are doing is not physically hurting anyone at all so why be called names and this and that I think that these human beings should have a right to stick up what for what they believe in and live for.

In the opponent's view, i kinda get where they are coming from where they might see it as disrespect. People say it is disrespectful to not stand during the national anthem and I agree 100% but what I don't agree on is that these human beings are being treated like crap. I understand from a viewpoint from like having a family member in the army because I have an uncle that served , he said: “ To be honest I fought for these things to happen, and for these people to do what their doings so it shows no disrespect towards me.”. So that show that our veterans did fight for our country to do what they're doing right now. I just really think that people are just trying to get attention by sending these things.

Mr. President, I really hope you have time to look at this letter because I promise it is a very good use of your time. I just hope you understand where my standpoint is and why I believe in what I do. Nobody deserves to be treated the way these people are, just for speaking in what they believe. I have a good feeling this letter will convince you that something needs to be done about this whole situation. Thank you, sir, wish you good luck in the future.


Keagan Woods