Megan D. Iowa


Abortion to babies are wrong


My name is Megan and I am a sophomore at Coon Rapids Bayard High School. I am writing about abortion because it is wrong to hurt innocent babies that haven’t done anything wrong. You are killing an unborn baby that could have an impact on you and your family. When you are getting an abortion you could possible be killing a month old baby.

You should care about this because some women are using it like birth control which is very wrong in some people’s eyes.  You already have the baby inside you why would you want to use abortion like birth control you are just killing a baby. Many abortion can occur for different reasons like disease, trauma, genetic defect or biochemical incompatibility of the mother and fetus. Many abortions are illegal and demonstrably dangerous, if not already deadly to the women. Many abortions can be sudden or you could take pills. There are many types of drugs you can take to get an abortion.

The supreme court ruled in 1973, that unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion was unconstitutional in effect legalizing abortion for any reason, for women in the first three months of pregnancy. Thirty six states have laws banning late-term abortions and this law was signed by George W. Bush, in 2003.

I think that you should not allow anyone to get an abortion unless they are teenagers, because they don’t know how to take care of a baby on there own. They also have a future to look forward to so why would they want to ruin it by having to take care of a baby all the time. I would like you to stop offering it to people that are old enough to take care of a baby and if they don’t want the baby they should give it up for or adoption so that the baby could have a family that cared about them.

There may be people out in the world that want a baby but they can’t have one. I want to see this happen in the next four years with our president is to make the abortion pills be illegal to the people.