Brooke Iowa


How to down the abortion rate.

Dear Future President,

I know you are really busy, but this is a very big issue. Lately so many lives are being taken because of abortion. There are many different views about abortion. I am largely against it, but I understand that some situations make that decision difficult. I will be telling you about some facts, the other options, and benefits to how these with options will help society.

In the article “Abortion in America”, 95% of those women having the abortion are under the age of 25. This number could be decreased but letting everyone know the other options. For example you could have the baby then have an adoption. Approximately 1.3 million people in the US want to adopt a baby. If they were to have the baby and then put it up for adoption, it would help dramatically. Not only would you be talking a life you would be making someone who can’t have a baby just as happy. 1.3 million people would love to have the baby that someone isn’t ready for.

According to James Hardy, in “Abortion in America” there are 1.5 millions women a year have an abortion. This number could drop dramatically by having teen and young adults use birth control. There are so many different types of birth control you could use. There is the pill, implant, shot, and many more. This would drop the number of abortions because you would be on birth control and not having unprotected intrercorse.

James Hardy states, “Women having the abortion say a child would interfere with their work, school, and their other responsibilities.” This is a big reason why women under the age of 25 are having the abortions. If we could open up some free childcare places, then there wouldn’t be as many abortions as there is today. The free childcare would help make the abortion rates go down. It would give the women more opportunities for a babysitter when the mother is at work, school, or doing their other responsibilities.

You as the president can help get the other options out there. You can do it alot easier then a 16 year old girl. You have more power than everybody. You can put ads up and make a speech about it to get the point across. You could also make more public service announcement about adoption and birth control. If you as the president could help all the little infants find a way for them to get a warm loving home that would make my heart warmed 100%. I would just like to thank you so much for everything you have done for this country!