Abigail W. Iowa

Abortion should be made illegal

Abortion should be made illegal for a number of reasons. Abortion is considered murder,effects us internationally and individually.

Dear Future President,

Abortions can be argued as good and bad. Worldwide 42 million abortions are being done each year according to AbortionNO. With the amount of lives being taken each year, decreasing the amount of kids who can be adopted, the harm it causes to individuals and internationally; abortions should be made illegal in every state.

Most people see abortion as murder and that's what causes them to be so against it. Life begins at conception, so unborn babies are human beings who have a right of life. As it said in Three legal reasons why abortion should be banned, “The only thing preventing abortion from being murder is that it's not “unlawful”.” It’s basic knowledge that a fetus is a human being and it's never lawful to kill a human. According to Kristi Brown “The law of the death penalty was made illegal and the unborn victims of Violence Act are prime examples.”

When aborting a child it is just one less to our population and one less child that could have been adopted. Kristi Brown says countless women in the U.S. choose abortion over adoption for their unborn babies every year. Some women aren’t able to have kids so they have the choice to adopt, that's not always possible. There are many infertile families that are waiting throughout our nation for a child to cherish, value and raise for the rest of that baby's life. Instead they are being aborted and thrown down a garbage disposal or wherever else. It should not be right for a mother to kill her child.

Abortion doesn’t just cause harm to our population but it hurts individuals. When a mother aborts her child it can cause her psychological and emotional problems as said in Abortion Emotional Side Effects. It also hurts friends and family if they are against abortion or knowing that child has been taken away from a future that could have made a difference. When said in Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life, Throughout the procedure of an abortion depending on the stage of pregnancy the fetus has reflexes and can feel pain. So not only is an abortion going to cause physical and emotional problems for the mother and effect family and friends but it hurts the baby as well. Making it wrong to let abortion be illegal when it is clearly murder.

Abortions have many stories behind them. The whole concept of abortion is just wrong. Its murder, its a decrease to our population and adoptable children and most of all it affects individuals as one. Many can argue that abortion is not wrong in any way possible and many can come up with thousands of cons to argue the opposing side. Now think what if your parent was to decide abortion for you, you wouldn't be president. If murder is illegal why isn't abortion?


Abigail Weedman