Nicholas B. Oregon

The U.S. National Debt

The national debt for the U.S is a concerning issue.

Dear Future President of the United States

I am a student at West Albany High School with a great concern about our national debt. I was born and have lived in America my entire life, so this place is home to me. I love this country, and I just want it to be the best it can be without so much debt. This debt is getting higher by the second, and if we don't make things better, than we are looking at big problems.

The main issue is the national debt is up to $19 trillion. You need to get us out of debt and make us an economic power country. If we continue on this path, we could end up like Venezuela. Venezuela has carelessly spent so much money on non-necessities that they are depending on imports that come in. According to Nick Robins-Early a world news reporter from the Huffington Post says people are having to cross over the border to Columbia for food, medicine and other basic necessities. People are rioting and going without food for days at a time. Is this what you want, a collapse of a nation and our people starving?

If the U.S. continues to spend at the current rate as it is right now, then the United States will collapse, ending 240 long years as a nation. If we look at the U.S. national debt clock, the debt is rising by the second. We are spending more money than we can make. According to the author James Grant of Time Magazine, we are spending, borrowing, and promising too much money, which will lead to other nations losing confidence in us. What if we actually collapse from a huge amount of debt? We are not for sure if the nation will collapse or not, but what we do know is that we are falling in massive amount of debt that could lead to the fall of our nation.

This nation is great, but with the debt right now people will lose jobs and other nations will look at us as a weak nation. We need to cut the spending and come up with ideas to avoid a recession. Without it, we will collapse and we wonโ€™t be a free nation again.


Nick M.