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Immigration has been the leading cause in Population Growth in America and is taking the rightful jobs of American Citizens.

Dear Future President,

Immigration is the leading cause of population growth in America and is taking the rightful jobs of American citizens. As wikipedia states,  "Immigration is the international movement of people into a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there, especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens, or to take-up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker." Since 1990, population growth has increased from 3.5 million to 12.2 million in 17 years and has been stabilized since. In those same years, the estimated number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. labor force has gone up from 2 million in 1990 to 8.3 million in 2007. 


 I think Homeland security is not correctly doing its job. Homeland security quotes that, " The DHS has taken significant steps to insure that immigration services are not granted to those who pose a threat to national security."( this only means that you can still be an illegal immigrant only if you are not posing a threat to this country. This means that all illegal immigrants who aren't criminals are okay to take rightful jobs from American Citizens with rights that they don't have.

There is something that has to be done to help American citizens take there rightful jobs back. I hope you take this into concern and fix this problem. 

Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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