Benjamin R. Oregon

NASA's Budget cuts

NASA's Budget cuts are a problem and this needs to be fixed.

        Dear Mr or Mrs President,

There is an ever-increasing problem that concerns me. NASA, a company that strives to help our ever-expanding network of travel to new or old destinations has been suffering a devastating drop in its federal budget. NASA, which continues to fund helpful companies, not just for Aerospace but, for Aero Travel in general such as SLS, Orion, and Boeing. I Humbly ask that you Increase NASA’s funding so that it may strive again to aid us in are quest for ever expanding knowledge and Scientific achievements.

Since we landed on the moon in 1969, NASA’s budget went into a decline. Comparing 1966 to 2006, NASA’s budget was an astonishing 4.41 percent of the federal budget. Speed up time 40 years later and NASA’s budget is now a small 0.57 percent. An article posted by Jeff Foust on states that “Within the $4.4 billion provided to science, $200 million less than the request…” This was posted in 2016, meaning the drop is still going on and it isn’t slowing down.

Now It is true there are more pressing topics to the public they deem far more important, but to state that NASA can’t help fix these issues is a false statement. Though NASA strives to know more and more about the stars every day, aeronautics is indeed something they specialize in. NASA’s important work that's more down to earth is constantly in line of being improved, but recent studies show that the funding for things like travel have been hit the hardest by the budget cut. As Stated by NASA EPSCoR on “Although travel grants are designed to only cover travel costs (within the U.S. only), some salary coverage may be considered for Desert Research Institute (DRI) faculty who do not have state-supported salaries.” Meaning that the fundings are not sustainable enough to start up projects or even give them a sturdy foundation.

In understanding that this is such a large task, I ask that there be a bit of acceptance. To settle with both Aeronautics and Aerospace to be funded is the main goal but, at the very least keep NASA funded with what they were founded to accomplish. If you could spare more funding to their aerospace program you would be a big help in increasing are expanding knowledge on new or old topics that need answers, how else could we manage to get a man on mars or even solve a travel problem that costs to much time and money to just sweep under the rug.

We know of the importance that lay on your shoulders, but in this time, where we rely on technology to keep our world going, I Incline that you fix NASA’s low funding issue so that we can continue to explore new heights of technology that we could ever dream to advance to such as New important projects like faster and or improved travel.