Jorge I. Colorado

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a source in which many people can benefit from it: employees, society, and even the global ecosystem. Fossil fuels is a source that creates energy as well but it contaminates the ecosystem.

Dear Madame/Mr. President:

I’ve always been interested in engineering fields, but I had never considered how helpful these jobs were. Recently, most of the engineering fields are not only a job, but also a resource to solve the world’s problems. Specifically, renewable energy is an engineering field that can help millions of lives every day. This is an issue in which government should focus on, since it’s an issue not only for a community or a state, but also for a country and even for the world. This issue should matter to the nation because of its results and influences, goes straight to the society: it provides jobs, it helps to save money, and it also gives citizens the resources they need everyday. Energy or electricity is an issue that matters to the world because all people use it.

Providing more financial support to this issue would help many people and employees. I’ve seen among many college graduates looking for jobs, specifically, these students are engineers, they would be really beneficial to have jobs helping the world’s problems, and providing people the resources they need every day. Already, people who had focus on this issue had provided many jobs. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewable energy employment in the United States reached 724,000 jobs in 2014, a 16 percent increase from the previous year. Along with this, if many more people as a nation focus on this issue, it would provide not only the resources people need around the world, but also many more jobs that society needs as well.

Additionally, this issue would provide jobs for the community, and it will have a positive affect on other communities as well. For example, in many regions energy is used to survive. People in extreme cold or hot areas need air conditioning to survive, and air conditionings need energy, and energy needs its commencement . The roots of renewable energy comes straight from natural sources such as wind, water and sunlight. These sources are naturally and rapidly replenished. A single wind turbine is able to generate enough electricity to power up to 1,400 households. This means renewable energy is really important on those regions in which every day-all day they must have energy in order to survive. Renewable energy is a hope for this people who live in regions where they must have energy, it gives them less to worry about, because renewable energy is always going to be there, and it would never go away as how some electricity plants do. And as well, it would be really helpful in other kind of environments for others.

As of today, most of the energy in the United States comes from fossil fuels, but fossil fuels are not a green energy source since it has a really bad effect on the world –it contaminates the global ecosystem. Although US government knows this source of energy contaminates the world, they keep giving subsidies to this source, fossil fuels get 4 times the subsidy of renewable sources. But why would this happen? Why give money to things that affect the world in a bad way? Many people would argue is because greenhouse gases or fossil fuels are still providing jobs to other people and maybe this is providing wealthy to fossil fuels energy companies. Yes, that is true, however, if we focus more on renewable energy it will provide many more jobs, renewable energy creates three-times more jobs than fossil fuels, and this is only an exchanged for the fossil fuels companies, because eventually it would still be providing wealthy to that people. It is important to realize that the global ecosystem will be negatively affected sooner or later if fossil fuels keep their process, but it’s more important to realize that exists another solution, and this solution is the renewable energy. Renewable energy is never going to end, since is easily and rapidly filled, but this solution only works if society still have those natural sources that fossil fuels are killing.


Isaac T