Caleb S. Minnesota

Reducing the amount of terrorism in the U.S.A.

Over the years terrorism has gained popularity. People in big cities are getting scared and don't want to be in their own home. We need to act quick or this might get out of hand.

Dear Future President,

Here in the U.S. we have way too much terrorism. If we don’t do anything people in big cities will probably not want to be in their own homes and that's a huge deal. People in big or large cities are the biggest target for terrorist groups. Because of that, we need to get more military, technology or even station troops there. I believe that the first thing you should do is at least make it more comfortable for the people in the big cities.

I feel terrorism is a huge problem in the U.S. and nobody's doing anything about it. If you want this country to be safe you need to put more attention on the terrorist groups that are overseas and soon to be in the U.S., or are already in the U.S. I feel that the U.S. terrorism issue is not being addressed. Ever since 9/11, people in the big cities have been scared to death worrying about if it’s going to happen again. And what is there to protect them? Nothing, absolutely nothing. This matters because if we don’t do anything quick, lots of people might die. Then you guys would say, “Oh gosh, what could we have done to help?” Well I’m telling you to get more troops and technology in those big cities.

Also… if we don’t do anything, the U.S would be an easy target to attack or destroy. During 9/11 we didn’t have anyone there to help. All we had was firefighters, police officers, and civilian help. I know they did a everything they could. I know troops got there fast, but if they were there right away they could have saved more people and more families wouldn’t have to go through anything like this. This matters because if there where more people/ troops there, it would have been way easier to help everyone they could and also could have stopped lots of the stuff that happened.

If you are reading this there is no way you can’t do something about this. If you fix this issue you could save millions of people from suffering and dying. This connects to Global Goal #16: Peace and Justice.


Concerned Citizen

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