Marisa C. Montana

Stop Bullying!

This letter talks about what people do to themselves when they get bullied and how bullying could be stopped.

October 14th 2016

Dear Future President

One of the most likely problems at school, is bullying. Anyone can be bullied at school or at social media. Bullying needs to absolutely be stopped, from everywhere around the world. People who gets bullied can suffer from depression and even commit suicide, they will also do it even when they get cyberbullied. People can be even doing more terrible things depending on how much they have been bullied, like cutting themselves on their arms.

If people have a problem getting bullied, then they should speak up. Everyone just wants to be a pacifist, but some kids wanted to be popular. People will most likely be bullied by taller people or if someone is in a gang. Even from girls, like gossiping about other kids, can be a bully.

Bullies act like they are the ruler of the school or at social media, we need to take over the throne. Bullies only want to be popular, bullying does not help anything at all. Everyone should be kind to one another anywhere, they really should. Bullying should be a crime and the owner of a social media should monitor all accounts.


Marisa C.

Billings, MT     Age 14

Billings Public Library

TC - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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