Chelsea B. Michigan

Schools Should Have a Study Hall

Schools should have a study hall for students to get more homework done. It is clear that many students simply do not have time in their schedules to take on one-two hours of homework each night.

Dear future president,

Schools should have a study hall for students to get more homework done. It is clear that many students simply do not have time in their schedules to take on one-two hours of homework each night. In additional to the large work loads, students are also juggling practices, games, clubs, jobs and various other extracurricular activities. It would be beneficial for students of all ages, to have additional time in school to complete work that they normally would be putting off. This could help students become more successful in and out of the classroom, and ultimately achieve their highest potential.

Many schools don't have a study hall which isn't helping students. Students should be getting more time in school for homework. Children are at school for seven hours a day, whats thirty minutes of the day for homework, catching up or studying for a test. Students could achieve so much more with an extra thirty minutes to catch up and study. Parents feel that a study hall could help their child achieve more in class and they could still have the night to relax and do what they enjoy to do. The student could get help from teachers if they don't understand what's that night's homework is or what to study for on the future test. This could help many students that are struggling get better grades in classes and on test because they would be getting more time to study and prepare themselves before the test. Students in high school have to worry about studying for the SAT in the spring, with all this homework per week. The SAT's determine what college you get accepted to so students have to do good if they want to get into a good college.

According to an article published in the US News, “Schools are giving too much homework, high school students are getting up to 17.5 hours of homework a week and teacher are expecting students to get it all done in one night.” They could be getting one to six classes of homework a night and still have to eat or have after school activities they enjoy. How are they supposed to do all this homework and still have time for after school sports or clubs. This problem affects all students, parents and teachers because the students are spending too much time on homework after school. Many parents don’t understand what their child’s homework is so they can’t help their kids if there was a study hall the teachers could be helping them instead.This could help teachers help students by being there to answer any questions in one of the students doesn't understand what they are doing in the class, which means students can get better grades in the class they were struggling in.

According to an article from Education World “Some teachers and parents think that there shouldn't be a study hall because some students don't participate in the study hall or they don't use it by skipping class.” So if they are skipping what's the point in having the study hall if the students aren't going to use the class time to work. Schools should still have the study hall because for the students who need it, they can do so. For all the students who don't think they need they should still go to the class.

Students that don't feel they need it could have free time with friends in the cafeteria which could help the student that still need it not get distracted by the students that don't need it that day. For the students that aren't using the study hall could still use it whenever they want but it's only for one hour a day so if they don't use it that day the have to wait til the next day.

In conclusion having a study hall could help students with homework and or help them study for test. They could get a good grade on the test and an even better grade in the class overall instead of worrying at home and not getting the help they need.


Chelsea Barnes, Michigan 

Clarkston Community Schools

ELA 10- Vickers

English Language Arts 10 A

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