Carl Ohio

feeding our children's mind

Our children need education to survive, children need to know what to do in the real world when they become adults

Dear Mr./Mrs President

Education around the United States need to change. The country has been using the same ways of teaching ever since the United States was established. Over the years, school around the country has been getting new technology, but that didn’t change our growth of intelligence.Our youth is the next big thing for our country, and if we don’t give them the education, then our future is going to be rough in the United States.

Students all over the United States heard about major events happening around the world, but never talk about it in the classroom. The country has trillions of dollars in the safe but use the money for other purposes and education needs to be one of the first to spend money on. In Carey, Kevin’s article. "Georgia Tech's $7,000 Online Master's Degree Could Start a Revolution." New York Times 5 Oct. 2016, it states “Top colleges are more than willing to provide them -- for a price. Tuition for a 30-credit master's in computer science from the University of Southern California runs $57,000. Syracuse, Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Mellon charge over $43,000 for the same degree.” this basically means there classes around the country that are offered at a high cost or low and it should be low cost around the United States

Only 300 students can join the classroom when there are hundreds, even thousands more are applying for a spot in the classroom when only a handful of those people can join the class and get the education to be successful. Students have to pay to get in the school system even though the student can be denied. " The on-campus program enrolls only 300 students or so, nearly all top students from other countries. It isn't easy to find room for more. Lecture halls and classrooms are expensive, and competition between departments for space is fierce. The online program has nearly 4,000 students, the large majority American. Many have organized study groups in their home cities. At that scale, there is almost always someone else online, day or night, to talk to about a thorny problem in machine learning.”

People will argue that colleges provide night classes for students and that’s true but there isn’t enough provided for the students. There should be the same amount of night classes as there is day time classes. Students need to work to pay rent or bills and they can’t go to school during the day so there should be more night time classes for the working youth.

You should tell the colleges to give more class time for students, hold bigger classes if they can. If the colleges try working with the student's schedule, the students can get the education they need/ want in their life and still have time to work or do other things, the future depends on our youth and if the government doesn’t provide education for them, the future of the United States will change in a bad way. People might say that colleges only accept a certain amount of students but the colleges can take that acceptance away and make it accept more people.


Carl Fisher

Oak Hills High School

Hodges Eng III: Bell 6

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