Daynaba O. Indiana

Education (needs and wants)

This is Why we need college prices lower for people who can't afford it, hopefully we get better food in the future and air conditioning and better heaters. I hope this will make you come to your senses and give us what we deserve.

Dear Future President, 

             Education is an important issue because some of us can't afford college. Also that the government doesn't give schools enough money for air conditioning to be in schools and also our needs and wants. They should give us better food because no offense but the food that we are given is low quality. 

            I think this is an important issue because I have ten siblings in my family so my parents can't afford to pay for all of us. Also when we are in school when it is summer we get no air conditioning so it's really hard to focus in class with all the heat. When it is winter we are freezing because the heaters don't work well.

            Other people should care about this if the can't afford college. They should also care if they don't get air conditioning or haters. Also most importantly we need better food.


Daynaba Omar from Indiana