Cameron Indiana

GUN Control

Stop the violence

I care about this issue because I'm tired of hearing that people getting shot and I can't sleep at night but this is why I care about this issue.

Dear future president 

We need to stop the shootings because people killing each other for no reason I mean maybe they need to just put the gun down and fight like a man why are they using a gun because they scared to fight.

My opinion is that we fighting for no reason then we got clowns running around kidnapping little kids. I mean y'all need to stop this because it's getting outcontrol we need to fix this I thought this was fortwayne y'all need to do something before it gets worse.

People should care about this because what would they do if they kid got shot and y'all might not know who did it y'all should be tired of this I'm every time y'all go to sleep y'all might hear gun shots. All I'm saying is we need to put a stop to this

Sincerely Cameron Martin