Vince Washington

Gun Control

Pistols, machine guns and other automatic weapons should be banned. All it does is cause problems.

Vince S. and Cole P.

Olympia, WA

03 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

I think that we should not let people buy semi-automatic, pistols and automatic weapons on the market because there is no use for them. But police and military should be able to use them. Shotguns and one shot rifles are fine for hunting. But things like Uzi’s and machine guns just cause problems.

One problem is that these guns are used to rob banks and stores. A second reason is that pistols are very easy to conceal and are used in a lot of murders and robberies. The last reason is that in the shootings that have happened in the last year most of them involved automatic weapons or pistols.

If you made this a law then there would be a lot less if no shootings, robberies, and murders. Places like Canada have outlawed handguns and the crime rate there is 43% less than here because if you went to rob someone it would be very hard to conceal a shotgun or a rifle.

I know what a lot of people would say “Well it’s against the constitution” then what you would say is that back when they made the constitution they didn’t invent automatic weapons and didn’t realise how powerful and dangerous they would be. So just outlaw handguns and automatic guns.

If you made this a law there would be a lot more people in this world. And if there were more people in the world then there would be more taxes for you. Another good thing is that you wouldn’t have to spend that much money on jail cells.

If you actually read this then just think about it. It would save so many families from tragedies. Also people would still be able to hunt. And if you wouldn't think about it because of laws just imagine one thing, if your parents were killed because someone shot them would you think about it any differently.


Vince and Cole

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