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Human Trafficking in Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee is experiencing a surge of girls who have been abducted and sex trafficked. No one should have this experience. This needs to end.

Dear Next President,

In the United States there is a huge human trafficking especially in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Human trafficking is when a person is forced into a life of sex. Evidence has been shown that “...counted 133 minors who had been trafficked or exploited over the course of 2014.”(

According to Milwaukee Neighborhood News service stated facts that, “ Average age of entry into commercial sex trade is 13” ( Any child under 18 should be focusing on school. That is 5 years younger than the legal age of having sex. They’re also being forced into doing something they don’t want to do. They’re technically being kidnapped.

Most of the people that are being human trafficked are females. According to the City of Milwaukee Human Trafficking website, “92% of youth trafficked in Milwaukee are females”. The girls are really young so they’re easier to manipulate and they’re easy to scare. The kidnappers are ruining these girls lives because they could possibly get pregnant or get a transmitted disease.

Another thing said on the is ,“In Milwaukee, those who purchase sex, whether from prostitutes or victims of sextrafficking-and its often difficult to distinguish between the two-rarely face consequences in the criminal justice system.”(”. Prostitution is illegal. It’s not fair that those people who take advantage of whomever and are getting away with it. Also, most of the girls are under 18, so whichfor it would be classified as rape.

The President should be dealing with this because it’s destroying these girls lives. They lost their youth, they are enslaves. Being a victim of human trafficking has effected throughout people's lives, they begin to experience anxiety, trauma, they can even suffer from PTSD. Many times that the people that are breaking the law never get prosecuted, it's just another one after another.

In conclusion, human trafficking should have more lights focusing on the issue. Most of the kids are around the age 13 which is really young. Also, most are young females so they’re easily taken advantage of. Those who are paying for the sex aren’t getting any consequences towards their actions, that’s unfair to those who they taken advantage of. 

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