Cheenu M. Wisconsin

Prevent Accidental Firearm Injuries

Require gun owners training to improve gun storage, gun safety and gun use.

Dear Next President.

For the past year there has been talk about gun in the US. Whether it is about the violence it causes or about the rights of guns. It’s just not right to do things like that. You can’t just take the 2nd Amendment away from the people. You can’t blame all the people with guns just because others have messed up before them. It should be the person to blame for not the gun. Because it is the person that pulls the trigger not the gun that fired.

With the right training, people will take guns way more serious than how they are treated now. For example “In Asheboro, North Carolina, a 26-year-old mother was cleaning her home when she heard a gunshot. Rushing into the living room, she discovered that her three-year-old son had accidentally shot her boyfriend’s three-year-old daughter with a .22-caliber rifle the parents had left in the room, loaded and unlocked.” In this instance, it was the parents fault for having a loaded gun that wasn’t put away properly and the consequence of that was a three year old being shot. If this parent were to have the right training with her firearm about the safety of having a firearm I think that the parent would have put the gun in a safer place like a gun safe with the safety on, and would of never had the firearm loaded in the first place.

Another piece of evidence to help why I think that if people with guns were to have a better understanding of their firearms then less and less accidental shootings. There was a study saying that “70 percent (62 of 89 cases) could have been prevented if the firearm had been stored locked and unloaded.” This just proves my point. That Gun Violence in the US can decrease if the gun owners are getting the right type of gun safety training so that their children will not get their hands on the guns and cause any type of harm to anyone.

In other research done on accidental shootings it was said “Of the child shooting deaths in which there was sufficient information available to make the determination, 70 percent (62 of 89) could have been prevented if the firearm had been stored locked and unloaded.” In this instance you can only blame the owner of the firearm. They should have never left the gun in such a place where these young kids could have gotten them. Second if they were to know better the gun would’ve never been loaded and these accidental shootings would have never happened.

All of these instances most of the accidental shooting fatalities could have been prevented it given the right training. So in the end of this all you cannot blame the gun and take away the right of 2 amendment from the people, but you can give the right training about handling guns to the people and make America the safe place we once knew again.

Thank you.

Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

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