Alexandria C. Wisconsin

Racial injustice

This letter is about the racial injustice and what the president should do.

Dear future President,

A big and ongoing issue in the United States is racial injustice/discrimination, and more action should be taken against this.There has been many riots and violent outbreaks because of this issue. It is affecting the states in our country, most recently Charlotte, North Carolina. This affects me because I am from Charlotte and I am also African-American, a race is greatly affected by racial inequalities. African-Americans have a 33% more chance than whites to be detained while facing felonies, we also receive 10% longer court sentences than whites for the same crime. Many organizations and groups have joined forces on this issue, but it starts with the law. Hispanics,Latinos,etc. are also heavily affected by this issue. Latino people are the second most discriminated against in America after African-Americans. Latinos,Hispanics,etc experience racial inequality in the workplace. I feel that law enforcement should be held accountable for what they do because a lot of the times they treat people unfairly due to race. Also people in society should be held accountable for racism. People around the world are not getting equal opportunity and chances as others because of this. The next president of the United States should work on this issue to make America a better place.


Alex Chandler