Andy Q. California

Unjust Epidemic

The Biggest Problem within Schools

Dear Hillary Clinton:

As the new leader of the free world I would like to inform you on some of the problems this world has from a high school students point of view.

Bullying is often overlooked by many as a big problem in today's society. Of course there are many bigger problems that the government has to deal with right? No. Bullying is the cause of the suffering of many children and adults in this world and should therefore be treated as big of a problem for this country as war.

No one wins with bullying. The victim suffers a lot during and after bullying. A few insults and put downs can ruin a persons self esteem permanently. Victims of bullying are also more likely to suffer depressions and anxiety later in their life. Problems with school also arise. A good student with good grades could suddenly become depressed by bullying and decide to stop trying in school. They could find ways to avoid being bullied. For example, they could ditch class or even switch schools. In the most extreme cases, bullying can be the cause of death and this isn't uncommon in this country. Many kids choose suicide as the solution to this problem.

A bully might enjoy the act of ruining a kids day and use this as a way to feel more powerful and supreme, but in the end bullies can also suffer from bullying. People who bully have a higher chance of smoking, drinking, consuming drugs, being in an abusive relationship, being in a fight, being arrested, and dropping out of high school. With all this, it is even possible for a bully to suffer more than their victim for actions that they took.

Bullying is a lose-lose situation and should be treated as a growing epidemic by the government. Many actions are being taken to stop bullying. Anti bullying campaigns are very common and many parents tell their kids to stay away from bullying, but I believe that the government should take more drastic measures to ensure that students are able to go to school without any fear and to ensure the best future for our youth.


Andy Quinones

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 B / Period 3

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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