Tekyla S. Illinois

Equality for the People

Everyone should be equally treated to one another no matter what your sex, skin color, race, or religion is.

Dear Future President,

Equality is an important factor for all people in America and we should all be equal to one another no matter what differences we have. Just because someone is Black, Female, and a Christian doesn't mean someone White, Male, and a Muslim should be treated better than them. We should equal regarding to what lives matter and jail penalty. A lot has been going on with death of many people and the people who serve jail time for the murder. For example, like a white police officer can kill a black teen and not be served jail time because they were "protecting themselves" but if it was the other way around the black person would serve most of their life in jail. Everyone has not been treated equal in the case and that needs to change. 

Anybody of any religion should be equally treated as the others. Just because someone believes in a different thing doesn't mean their living rights should be different. Gender shouldn't separate anybody's rights and equality either. A women should live, work, and have as much freedom as a man. A black man and a white man should work the same as a white man, live like a white man, and have the same punishments as a white male. Also for white and black women, their living rights should be equal. 

We need a president who will agree with this and make a change to the problems regarding equality that is happening now. We need a president who does not believe in segregation or does not believe one race, religion or gender is better than another. Future President make everything equal between everyone no matter what. 

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