juan c. Illinois

Minimum Wage

Increasing Minimum Wage

Dear future President,

I think that you should fix minimum wage. I think you should fix minimum wage because the minimum wage right now is not a livable wage. The minimum wage is only 10 dollars in Chicago. That's barely enough to support one person by themselves, let alone a family. I think that you should raise minimum wage to $11.50.I think $11.50 is enough because won't mess up the businesses or industries as much as 15 dollars for minimum wage workers.

I know that raising the minimum wage can be really bad for industries. However, it's good that minimum wage isn't high because it's not good to pay workers a lot of money with no or little experience.It could lead to more experienced workers to not receive too much money.

I think you should raise the minimum wage to $11.50 .First, I think that you should it to $11.50 because the yearly amount that people would be making if it was changed to this amount is $23,920. This is a good amount to be making yearly because the Required annual income is $25,364.This is better than 10 dollars and hour and making $20,000 a year it doesn't seem like a big difference but it adds up over time and eventually you won't be able to live a steady life financial wise.Also i think it's good because lets say the person has a family and both adults working the amount of money that it's gonna be to support their family is about $50,645 and the amount that both adults are making is about $47,840.I Think that's a good amount both parents making its close to 50 thousand and can live off that.

Future president thank you for reading my letter I sent to you I hope you take my letter into consideration when you are deciding on laws to make this is a real big issue. I hope you fix it.


Juan C.