Zane Pennsylvania

Gun Rights

Guns should not be banned.

Dear Next President,

As noted in the Associated Press article published on June 20, 2016 titled, “Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut stages filibuster for gun control” information about gun control pleads the case that we should get rid of guns in our country. The article agrees that we should ban guns in the United States because terrorists are buying them and using them to kill people. I do not believe anyone would disagree that no terrorist should be able to own a gun legally in the US. I however, disagree with the author. Getting rid of guns in this country would start a whole new problem in this world. It would take firearms away from law abiding citizens and make these same people targets for criminals who would know that they could commit crimes without possibly being shot. Our founding fathers, who were much wiser than our current politicians, recognized the need for the American people to protect themselves from both criminals and our own government. They learned the hard way having come from countries where some of them were oppressed by their leaders and could not retaliate.

Some people think that everyone who owns a gun is dangerous and that’s not true. We have had guns in this country since separating from the tyrannical rule of England in the 1770’s and never have they really been a big issue until terrorists started to come into the United States “Illegally” and buy them to kill citizens in the country. That is not a good thing, so we need to keep people out of this country that don’t belong here and make sure that only legal citizens or Americans who can legally own one can get them. By using the laws we already have in place, this can be easily accomplished. Sadly, these laws are usually not enforced as they should be and then bad things happen. It would also be helpful if doctors could share information with authorities about people who have mental issues. These people should not have access to guns but unfortunately our government doesn’t allow this information to be shared. Past mass shootings seem to have shown us that unstable people or those with a terrorist agenda have been the ones who want to hurt others.

To sum this up, guns should not be banned from our country as it is our Second Amendment right and guns aren’t killing people, people kill people. Guns are blamed for killing others although a gun can’t shoot itself. It takes someone with evil intentions to pull the trigger and if guns aren’t available, they will find other means. This has been shown time and time again in foreign countries and even in our own. We need to solve the problem of why people do these things and not punish law abiding citizens for the wrong doing of a few. I agree with our founding fathers and feel our right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.


Zane M. ,Pennsylvania