Sam B. Ohio

Danger! Watch Out For Weapons

We have to watch out, weapons are on the loose. We are being attacked from every corner possible with out stopping it. What would happen if somebody deadly got their hand on a super deadly weapon? It could be the end of safety. So, why do we not stop the attacks.

Dear Next President:

Did you know that thirty-seven percent of terrorist attacks involve firearms or primary weapons, this is high and needs to be . These statistics are scary and high and should be dealt with at the highest authority. I want people on the no fly list or the terrorist watch list not to be able to buy weapons. I know as commander and chief that you will do what you think is the best for your country. However, you may not agree with me on what I think on some of the major issues of our nation. Not all of the violence can be prevented but most can, it can help the safe feeling of the people and make them stop alwaying having to look over their shoulders.

Nine-eleven was caused by terrorists who hijacked planes using weapons and the fear of the people. Some of the hijackers were on the terrorist watch list and were able to get weapons. If they were not able to get weapons they may have been stopped. This tragic event could have been possibly stopped if they were not able to buy weapons, millions of americans now question their safety because of it.

In Nice, France terrorist took control of a train and hijacked it. Some passengers on board the train were killed and others were injured. This was another senseless act of terrorism that has causes people to be afraid to travel near and far from their homes. People do not want to live in a world of fear and be paranoid because of terroristic activities.

On September 19th, 2016, a man on the terrorist watch list detonated a bomb in Manhattan, New York injuring 29 innocent civilians. Thankfully, this senseless act of terrorism did not cost anyone their life. If this man was not able to buy weapons or items to make a bomb, this incident may have been prevented. Acts of terrorism could happen anywhere in the world. The safety of the people is compromised when these acts happen. The terrorist thrive on the fear of the people.

As you can see, these events happen worldwide and cause major problems. They always draw the attention them but, it always concerns us as people. People's safety is compromised each time an event like this happens and this is what the terrorist thrive on, fear! We lose our sense of safety, and our trust of people around us. We as the people and citizens of the United States Of want to stay and be safe. So, when we have the people on the no fly list or the terrorist watch list not buying weapons we can trust that we are safer than before. Acts of terrorism are meant to fear the people, with some prevention we can believe we are safe.

Thank you,


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