Kelsey H. Michigan


Do not criminalize abortion.

2 October 2016

Dear Mr. President,

There is a growing concern regarding the legality of abortion in the United States. The disagreement is on whether the procedure should remain legal or be criminalized by the government. This is a problem of people with firmly-rooted beliefs on opposite sides. While some people believe that abortion is a women’s right and is protected under the constitution, others think that it is morally wrong to kill a fetus. The growing societal concern for criminalizing abortion has caused unnecessary disagreements, rallies, and violence. Despite some people’s efforts to make abortion illegal, the medical procedure should remain legal and free of government involvement.

Those who oppose abortion believe that it should be criminalized because they consider it to be murder, claiming that unborn babies are still humans and thus, should be given the same constitutional rights as citizens. This ideal is invalid for a multitude of reason, beginning with the fact that a personhood does not begin until a person is capable of living outside of the womb. Furthermore, the women is responsible for the creation and/or termination of the fetus, as it is her personal right to have control over own body. The opposition also argues that Christian teachings within the Holy Bible suggest there is no difference between an a fetus and infant. However, this too is an irrational argument due to the fact that the United States’ government is under no obligation to govern by the teachings of any religion. Additionally, interpretations of the bible vary without distinction. Despite the arguments of the opposing view, abortion is a women’s right and should not be criminalized by the government.

There are advantages to allowing abortion to remain legal in the United States. Primarily, it is a right granted by the constitution regarding personal freedom. Moreover, medical professionals who perform these procedures are experts in their performance, reducing the chance of any potentially harmful side effects. If abortion were to be criminalized, people who wish to have an abortion would still find ways to perform the procedure, putting themselves in danger and possibly using illegal substances. Finally, the right to abortion was secured in a federal court case in 1973 known as Roe vs. Wade, in which the court favored the choice of abortion. The best solution to this problem is to leave the freedom of abortion open to the women as it is her right. Ultimately, abortion is a respectable right that is guaranteed by the United States’ constitution and solidified by its benefits.


Kelsey Hessbrook